Abigail Arrington

ATTORNEY RILEY MORGAN is still recovering from a devastating personal loss when a long-time friend and colleague convinces her to take on a new high-profile client at her Florida law firm. Little does she know the case will soon have federal agents knocking at her door and a highly skilled special agent, Kent Donovan, working behind the scenes to uncover a fraudulent enterprise that spans continents.


About Abby

Abigail Arrington’s first novel, Precession, introduced readers to the world of attorney Riley Morgan, her colorful friends, and the complex and sometimes dangerous legal challenges she passionately undertakes for clients of her Florida law firm. Precession spent the summer of 2009 among great company in the field of legal thrillers. Good fortune followed the novel to the upper echelons of Barnes and Noble’s Best Selling Lists, where it peaked at Number 1 in Legal Thrillers, and number 50 in the online Top 100 List during August of 2009.
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News and Updates

December 6, 2012

AWESOME breaks the Top 100 at Barnes and Noble.

September 5, 2009

Precession again listed in Barnes & Noble’s Top 100

Precession is ranked as number 2 overall in Legal Thrillers

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