Abigail Arrington

About Abby

Abigail Arrington’s first novel, Precession, introduced readers to the world of attorney Riley Morgan, her colorful friends, and the complex and sometimes dangerous legal challenges she passionately undertakes for clients of her Florida law firm. Precession spent the summer of 2009 among great company in the field of legal thrillers. Good fortune followed the novel to the upper echelons of Barnes and Noble’s Best Selling Lists, where it peaked at Number 1 in Legal Thrillers, and number 50 in the online Top 100 List during August of 2009.

Experiences garnered from over a decade in the legal profession as a litigator for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment personalities, and a few lost causes provide a never-ending source of material Abby looks forward to sharing with readers in the Riley Morgan series and in other upcoming works. Savvy readers may also be pleased to find that Abby infuses references to music and art in almost all of her work, as both are lifelong passions.

On any given day, you might find Abby chatting with her engaging and sometimes animated followers on Twitter who, when asked for input on this bio, tweeted numerous thoughtful comments including references to humor, a sharp wit, a bright smile, and then something about genius and insanity. Of course, the last response might’ve been due to Abby’s description of herself as someone who likes Doritos, puppies, stupidly expensive shoes, and handsome men who are smarter than her shoes.

Abby hails from a small town in coastal North Carolina, and after a brief stint in Washington, D.C., the purposes of which she refuses to divulge, she now resides in Florida. Abby is the proud owner of two exceedingly spoiled Golden Retrievers who often talk back, much like their doting owner.

For more information on Abby and her exploits, please join her on Twitter at @AbbyArrington or check out her author website at www.AbigailArrington.com.